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  • What types of cabinets do you sell?
    Everything! We sell cabinetry for any room or space. Here is an incomplete list: - Kitchens (Indoor & Outdoor) - Bathrooms - Commercial Spaces - Laundry Rooms - Mudrooms - Offices - Pantries
  • How much does a typical kitchen cost?
    Kitchens are generally $5-$15k for stock cabinets and $15k+ for custom. There are volume discounts for professionals which discount our pricing further.
  • How long does it take to get a design and quote?
    A quote with design can be delivered in 3-10 days depending on current demand. A stock cabinetry quote without design can be as quick as a day or two.
  • How long from cabinet order to delivery?
    Depending on your location, stock cabinets can take 2 - 5weeks and custom cabinets in 9 - 11 weeks. Lead times are constantly updating so please verify lead time when you speak with us.
  • Can you ship cabinets anywhere?
    We can and do ship nationwide! Our delivery is a "white-glove" service which means a time will be scheduled with you for delivery and the cabinets will be carried inside.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes of course! Just ask for our various options during your intro call with us.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity?
    No, you can order just one cabinet if you would like, such as a bathroom vanity!
  • What are your cabinets made of?
    All our cabinets are made of plywood and solid hardwood. Stock cabinets are hardwood with MDF panels in the center of the painted cabinet doors. Euro style stock cabinetry is MDF with paint or laminate. Custom cabinets are solid wood doors as the standard with options for full MDF doors and/or MDF panels if desired. The plywood for the stock cabinetry is Carb II compliant plywood and the custom cabinetry is made with non-toxic plywood which does not contain any formaldehyde adhesive.
  • Are all your cabinets vegan?
    They are! All our cabinets are free from animal products such as blood glue. To learn more about why many cabinets aren't vegan, check out our blog post: Most Cabinets Aren't Vegan?!
  • Do you sell RTA cabinets?
    We can sell our stock cabinets as RTA, however we recommend not going this route. The savings is largely offset by the cost for the carpenters to build the cabinets on site. Also, professional cabinet builders at our facility will generally do a better job at assembly.
  • Are all Maldon cabinets made in the USA?
    Our custom cabinets are made in the USA while our stock cabinets are made in Vietnam. Funny enough though, our stock cabinet line employs more Americans than the USA made custom line.
  • What is the warranty?
    All our cabinetry comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Click here to view details.
  • Where is Maldon Cabinetry?
    Our headquarters and largest showroom is located in Cedar Park near Austin, Texas. We also have a showroom in Ridgefield, Connecticut. However, are cabinets are able to be delivered nationwide.
  • What is the paint finish on the cabinetry?
    On the stock cabinetry there is a post catalyzed conversion varnish. This is a very hard and durable finish. This finish does offgas some VOCs but since it's stock cabinetry it has 6-8 months to off gas prior to being delivered to you. The custom cabinetry has a two part polyurethane paint finish which is cured by UV. This UV cured finish does not off-gas any VOCs. This is a hard and durable finish.
  • What is the maximum quantity of cabinetry that can be ordered?
    There's no maximum! We have the capacity to supply as many cabinets as needed. If you have an apartment building, neighborhood, or other larger development we would love to be your cabinetry partner.
  • Do any of your cabinets contain MDF?
    The only place we ever use MDF is in some of our cabinet doors due to problems caused by the expansion and contraction of real wood. The industry standard is to use MDF panels in doors with painted finishes, and with slab style doors, to ensure there are not issues cause by expansion and contraction such as cracks showing up between boards, exposed raw wood from the panel contracting, or warped doors with slab style. Our custom cabinetry with stained or natural wood finishes on 5-piece doors are solid wood. Slab door styles are an MDF core with a wood or laminated veneer (depending on selection). Our custom cabinetry with painted finishes standardly have an MDF center panel with hardwood perimeter. All stock cabinetry has MDF center panels with wood a hardwood perimeter for 5-piece doors and slab doors are MDF core with a veneer. All MDF is available with an option for NAUF which means it does not contain any formaldehyde adhesive (which is in 99% of plywood, furniture board, and MDF.) This is an added cost but something to consider if you would like your cabinetry to be non toxic (see the FAQ for more detail on what non toxic means to us).
  • What does "Nontoxic Cabinetry" mean?
    When we say "non toxic" we mean that the cabinets do not have any added formaldehyde (NAUF) and do not offgas harmful VOCs. Our custom cabinetry comes standard being made with Purebond plywood, which utilizes a soy based adhesive rather that the standard formaldehyde adhesives used in 99% of cabinetry. The finishes also do not include any formaldehyde. Painted cabinetry with flat panels use MDF instead of wood to ensure the panels remain in tact and do not show cracks in the paint (MDF does not expand and contract like wood). Standard MDF (which is less expensive) contains formaldehyde adhesive so we always recommend selecting the NAUF MDF to keep your cabinetry non toxic. Our stained and clear coat finishes DO off gas some VOCs so to keep these fully non toxic we recommend going with a site applied zero VOC finish or just sticking to painted cabinetry as mentioned above.
  • Do any of your cabinets use formaldehyde?
    Yes, our stock cabinets include ultra low levels of formaldehyde in the plywood adhesive. Unfortunately, at this price point using soy based adhesive is not an option.
  • What if my cabinets have formaldehyde?
    Get those toxins out of there! We recommend a high quality air filter with air quality sensors such as Mila. This type of filter will remove harmful VOCs from the air.
  • Are the hinges and drawer glides soft close?
    Yes, every cabinet we sell has soft close hinges and drawer glides. Stock cabinets have 7/8 extension glides while custom cabinets have full extension.
  • What is the most popular door style and color?
    Shaker doors with a white paint accounts for the majority of cabinets we sell. Its timeless, cost effective, and can lean more traditional or mordern.
  • Are pre-finished cabinets better than site-finished?
    Absolutely, a factory finished cabinet is better. Not only is the finish harder and more durable, it also is lower VOC. Check out our blog here about the hazards of site-finished cabinets.
  • Are slab/flat doors solid wood?
    No, flat doors made of solid wood warp so instead they are made of plywood with a hardwood veneer (custom cabinetry) or MDF (stock cabinetry).
  • Can I choose any paint color?
    Yes! In our custom line, there are absolutely no limitations.


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